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    takes long time to drpo tables with large numbers of partitions



      This is for a build. We are still in development. No risk of data loss. As part of the build, I drop the user,re-create it, re-create the objects. Allows us to test the build all the way through. Its our process.


      This user has some tables with several 1000 partitions. I ran a 10046 trace and oracle is using pl/sql to do loops to do DML against the data dictionary. Anyway to speed this up? I am going to turn off the recyclebin during the build and turn it back on.


      anything else I can do? Right now I just issue 'drop user cascade'. Part of is the weak hardware we have in the development/environment. Takes about 20 minutes just to run through this part of the script (the script has alot more pieces than this) and we do fairly frequent builds.


      I can't change the build process. My only option is to try to make this run a little faster. I can't do anything about the hardware (lots of VMs crammed onto too few servers).


      This is not a production issue. Its more of a hassle.