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    Concurrency problems ?


      I have created an application where I reuse a task flow in two different pages.

      The taskflow is relatively complex and has some method calls executing methods in java beans in the viewcontroller project and also executes some other methods in the model project inside classes as ViewObjViewImpl or ViewObjRowImpl. Also executes some other model methods that are defined in the AppModuleDataControl in its client interface.


      Here I have some examples:


      Directly executes a method in a ViewObject (or AppModule) class in the model project:


          <methodAction id="comBOCancelar" RequiresUpdateModel="true"

                        Action="invokeMethod" MethodName="comBOCancelar"

                        IsViewObjectMethod="false" DataControl="AppModuleDataControl"


            <NamedData NDName="objNumero"



            <NamedData NDName="rol" NDValue="#{DatosUsuario.rol}"


            <NamedData NDName="username" NDValue="#{DatosUsuario.ssoUser}"




      Executes a method defined in a VO (or AppModule) class in the model project but taken from the data controls:


          <method-call id="creaAsignaWorkFlowSolicitudServicio">


            <outcome id="__13">





      When the application was tested in the development environment everything was fine, but now that we are in the production environment it seems that some information is mixed between transaction with unexpected behaviours. One update or insert that had to executed in one record seems to be recorded in a record of a different transaction.


      Perhaps are we having some kind of concurrency problems due to directly execute methods in the model project or something like this ?

      The command sequences in the task flow are correct and executed isolated work ok.

      Any idea ? Thank you.