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    Load testing the Interactive and SQR reports




      We are planning on doing a stress test on the IR and SQR reports in We are trying to use load runner as the tool and had many issues so far. I saw some documentation work space admin guide 9.3 that we can do load testing on IR reports.


      Is that available for 11.1.2 and has anyone done it.  If we see the documentation available in 9.3 vesion.


      To load test Interactive Reporting:

      1 Assign unique request IDs to the CURRENT_REQUEST_ID URL parameter.

      One way to generate the unique IDs for LoadRunner is to use this date and time stamp, and

      virtual user ID:



      Stamp}{UserRuntimeID}", "Referer=", ENDITEM,


      ● DateTimeStamp is the date and time stamp parameter type with format %Y%m%d%H%M%S

      ● UserRuntimeID is a virtual userID parameter type with format %03s


      I was not sure how to create this virtual user ID.


      2 Enable static key encryption for recording the scripts and running the scripts within Workspace.

      This setting is not recommended for production environments.

      Note: Setting only one of these properties can cause processing (running of Interactive Reporting jobs, querying from

      Interactive Reporting, querying from the Workspace) to fail, because the source and target encryption schemes do

      not match.

      Data Access Servlet Property

      To load test the Data Access servlet, add this property to ws.conf and restart the Web server:

      1. WebClient.Applications.DAServlet.UseStaticKeyForEncryption=true

      I could not find the ws.conf file in the installed files.

      Please let me know your thoughts. Also SQR testing has to be done.

      Thank you.