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    ATG Marketplace

    Sankar Sundar
      I would like to know, Is there a solution provided in ATG10.1 for marketplace model.

      Example as available in ebay.com.

      If no straightforward marketplace solution not provided, are we supposed to use the B2B to customize ? or Anyone other simple approach available ?

      Thanks in advance for your help.
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          Hi Sankar,

          Did you found some solution for this question? right now I'm searching a similar solution, maybe could you help whit that,

          Thanks you.

          Felipe Ramirez
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            Sankar Sundar

            Hi Felipe Ramirez,



            Unfortunately ATG is not providing Out of the box support for Market place solution.


            We may need to Integrate with various seller and get their catalog, pricing, inventory as a feed and place the order from ATG to Seller for fulfillment.

            Using this way, we will end up multiple integration with each seller (minimum integrations for Catalog, Price, Inventory, Order submission, Shipping Information, Product return etc...)


            Seller registration can be managed like, What we do for B2B Customer registration.