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    Fulfillers in ATG.

    Sandeep Kumar Tiwari

      As ATG supports Hardgoodfulfiller,I wanted to know about place(file..etc)where we can declare about the  Fulfillers(if we have a no. of Fulfillers for different vendors) in our Application.


      Please read this example,that will make it clear to answer.


      For example, a site could contain products from various vendors that can be purchased through the same account.

      A large site might sell bikes from one vendor and books from another publisher. These orders would require

      different fulfillers because they would not be fulfilled from the same warehouse.


      In this example we are managing two Fulfillers(one for bikes,one for books)

      So my question is, where do we provide the entry for both the Fulfillers..?



      Thanks in advance,