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    Spaces Listing Page Default Settings


      On the spaces listing page, the default Show setting is "All Spaces."  Is it possible to configure it so the default is "Joined By Me" instead?


      I was able to reorder the options in that list by editing the task flow, but I've been unable to edit the default value.

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          Daniel Merchán


          Try customizing Community Browser Task Flow.


          To achieve it follow next steps:

          • If you don't have already a WebCenter Portal - Spaces Task Flow Customization Application project for your customizations then create one using JDeveloper -> New Application -> WebCenter Portal - Spaces Task Flow Customization Application
          • Open you JDeveloper using Customization Role.
          • Allow to Show Libraries in your customization project.
          • Find WebCenter Spaces View Library.
          • Go to oracle.webcenter.community.view.taskflows.browser package and you'll find TableOfCommunities-Tiled.jsff fragment.
          • Find following code:
          <!-- LOV for filtering Group Spaces displayed to user -->
                      <af:selectOneChoice id="filter" autoSubmit="true"
                        <af:selectItem value="all" label="#{uib_o_w_s_r_Spaces.LABEL_ALL_SPACES}"
                        <af:selectItem value="joined"
                        <af:selectItem value="moderated"
          • Try with customizaiton allow different value to be first. You have to be concerned that #{pageFlowScope.tableOfCommunitiesBean.filterCondition} must to have the final value. It could be achieved using custom manage bean updating #{pageFlowScope.tableOfCommunitiesBean.filterCondition} with the final value. #{pageFlowScope.tableOfCommunitiesBean.filterCondition} start value is "all" in Java Code
          public final class TableOfCommunitiesBean
            implements Serializable
            private transient UIXTable mTable;
            private boolean selectedState;
            private boolean selectedStatus;
            private transient List<String> mNameTable;
            private SpacesQueryParameters advancedQueryOption;
            private String sortBy = "displayName";
            private String filterCondition = "all"; // <------------------ Default value


          • After changes deploy your customization MAR file to WC_Spaces servers. If you created more java manage beans for Spaces re-deploy your code first.
          • Test.


          Another possibility could be override the class in your Spaces Code and change class-loader to load your overriden class instead of product one. Just copy the Java code and change variable initialization to another value (joined...). It's an unrecommended way because patches will no be applied correctly for this Java Class.



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            Where can the source code be found?

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              Daniel Merchán

              Find WebCenter Spaces View Library

              Through inside of the libraries of spaces and check the registered manage bean to decompile the associated class .