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    Report and Alert don't executed in the error handler with a JMS proxy service




      I'm working with OSB and I'm facing a problem with the error handler of my JMS proxy service.

      My error handler contains two main elements :

      - a Report action

      - an Alert with a JMS destination defined


      When the business service failed the message remain in the queue. It's the expected behavior.

      The problem is :

      - the report is missing

      - the alert is raised but missing in the JMS destination defined in the Alert setting.


      I've noticed if I add a Reply with Failure or Success, Report and Alert are successfully executed.

      Unfortunately the message don't remain in the JMS queue.


      What can I do in order to have my report/alert done and the JMS transaction rollback in order to keep the message in the queue ?


      I've already met this problem in the past with alsb v3 and my solution was to add Service Callout in the error handler in order to externalize these actions.

      This solution is not convenient and I hope another solution is possible.