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    OSB tape library config problem


      1. The server is M4000, OS is Solaris 10 U11, OSB is, tape library is SL24

      2. I have a problem about "Tape Library Configuration"

      3. Is the device information is right?

      Script started on Fri Jun 28 17:28:08 2013

      root@dbbk # obtool

      ob> lsdev --long


          Device type:            library

          Model:                  [none]

          Serial number:          0836BR0104

          In service:             yes

          Debug mode:             no

          Barcode reader:         yes

          Barcodes required:      yes

          Auto clean:             no

          Clean interval:         (not set)

          Clean using emptiest:   no

          Ejection type:          auto

          Min writable volumes:   0

          UUID:                   7fb29770-c034-1030-84a4-8c645111b0a3

          Attachment 1:

              Host:               dbbk

              Raw device:         /dev/obl0


          Device type:            tape

          Model:                  [none]

          Serial number:          HU18322VCY

          In service:             yes

          Library:                SL24_Lib

          DTE:                    1

          Automount:              yes

          Error rate:             8

          Query frequency:        [undetermined]

          Debug mode:             no

          Blocking factor:        (default)

          Max blocking factor:    (default)

          Current tape:           [unknown]

          Use list:               all

          Drive usage:            none

          Cleaning required:      no

          UUID:                   7fe59ec8-c187-1030-84a4-8c645111b0a3

          Attachment 1:

              Host:               dbbk

              Raw device:         /dev/obt0

      ob> exit

      root@dbbk # exit

      script done on Fri Jun 28 17:29:15 2013


      4. I can't do any backup job