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    Simulate Apex login - session state protection error




      I have a simple APEX login form which is placed on a <DIV> on a standard HTML page - see below:


      <form id="wwvFlowForm" name="wwv_flow" method="post" action="https://[url_to_apex]/wwv_flow.accept">

      <input id="pFlowId" type="hidden" value="[apex_app_alias]" name="p_flow_id">

      <input id="pFlowStepId" type="hidden" value="101" name="p_flow_step_id">

      <input type="hidden" id="pRequest" value="" name="p_request">

      <div class="login_field">

      <label tabindex="999" for="P101_USERNAME">Membership ID / User ID:</label>

      <input type="hidden" value="482427095063131055" name="p_arg_names">

      <input type="text" maxlength="100" size="20" value="" name="p_t01" id="P101_USERNAME">


      <div class="login_field">

      <label tabindex="999" for="P101_PASSWORD">Password:</label>

      <input type="hidden" value="482427195412131063" name="p_arg_names">

      <input type="password" id="P101_PASSWORD" value="" maxlength="100" size="20" name="p_t02">


      <button type="submit" class="button">Submit</button>



      In APEX 3.x, I could login on this HTML page and I would be successfully logged in and redirected to another APEX page e.g. page 300.


      Bascially, this HTML page simulated what the standard page 101 did. Since upgrading to APEX 4.2 this does not work anymore and I am getting the following error:


      "Error Page protection violation: This may be caused by submitting a page that had not yet finished loading or by manual alteration of protected page items. For further assistance, please contact the application administrator.

      Contact your application administrator."


      Session state protection is not enabled and the items P101_USERNAME and P101_PASSWORD are not protected (item security Session State Protection = Unrestricted).


      Any ideas anyone?