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    Forms running on mobiles devices

    Carlos Cortez

      I'd like to know if it's possible to run Forms (10g or 11g) on mobile devices with android or iOs ??

      If not why ??

      I know that a JRE is needed and sometimes libraries are needed to be downloaded like when using webutil.

      but i'd like to know others explanation :)

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          You must first understand that Android is not Java. Android being “Java based” is a great oversimplification that many in the media and tech news have used to avoid getting too deep into the details.
          However, Android has never claimed that it was 100% compatible with Java. Java syntax is used to create the source code for Android applications. It is then compiled into Java bytecode.
          For those of you not familiar with Java, bytecode is a type of “virtual” machine code. Java programs are turned into bytecode which is then run on a Java virtual machine (VM).
          The virtual machine is what allows Java programs to run on diverse platforms. It interprets the bytecode and adjusts for the actual hardware.
          Android programs take an additional step though. The Java bytecode is converted into Dalvik bytecode.
          This is because Android does not have a Java virtual machine. Dalvik replaces the Java VM on the Android platform. Dalvik differs from the Java virtual machine in a number of ways.
          Many of these differences are necessary because mobile phones typically have lower memory and less powerful hardware than the platforms that Java typically runs on.
          Aside from the fact itself that Java applets don’t work in Android, there are a couple of behind-the-scenes reasons for this. Android itself is written in a Google-developed version of Java (Dalvik virtual machine). This Google-developed version is open source (the whole point of Android), and the actual Java Runtime Environment isn’t. Since Google’s Java is running, the other one most likely won’t be compatible without major changes.
          Oracle, who currently owns Java, has already been breathing down Google’s neck, trying to sue Google over any lines of code that it finds in the open source “Java” that might be in Oracle’s Java. These tight relations over Java use will probably prevent actual Java from running on Android devices as well.
          But.. you can allways use VNC or other remote desktop software to access oracle "forms" remotely from your Ipad or Android tablet or phone.....

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            Grant Ronald-Oracle
            the quick answer is no. That said, you need to take a step back and think about what you are asking. Is a "typical" data entry Forms screen/application something you would really want to access on a mobile device in its current form? I would suggest no since the typical data entry sytle of Forms would just be unusable on a smart phone even if you could get it running. However, is there possibly a business case to allow some of your application functionality to be accessed from a smart phone, then the answer is probably yes but you are probably going to have to build something specific for this but some sharing of Forms logic is possible.

            Couple of options
            You could build a service layer which could be shared between Forms and your mobile technology and call that functionality from your smartphone (and of course you could be sharing database logic as well). You could implement something natively or use something like ADF Mobile (which does infact let you run Java on both iOS and Android). The other option might be a solution such as OraPlayer (google it) which will automatically create a web service interface into a part of your Forms application and the you could build an ADF Mobile front end ontop of that WS interface. That said, you need to tred carefully. I would be careful of exposing overly complex scenarios in this manner, but there again, maybe your use case will be a much simpler "look up and approve" style of exposure of the FOrms applications.

            So, you have some possibilities but you have to think about what you are really looking to achieve.
            Grant Ronald
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              Another solution could be exposed some of those servicesand business logic using Apex new version.

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                Hi Grant,

                I do agree with you when it comes to mobile phones as the screen is well to small for desktop focussed/optimised Oracle forms application. BUT for iPad tablet and co it does make sense to being able to access forms applications - e.g. for quick enquiries & simple data entry. Especially if it is not used heavily and it is not worth the development effort to implement a mobile solution accessing Oracle forms on Tablets is a good thing.


                Carlos, you may want to have a look at this youtube video showing how you can run Oracle Forms on the iPad with the ThinForms client: http://www.talkingbyte.com/?p=2&product=ThinFormsVideo