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    Libraries included in forms2adf



      I understand jheadstart includes libraries not included in normal adf download installation.


      My question if  form2adf includes some libraries that makes easier the programming for 4gl developers.


      thank you

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          Steven Davelaar-Oracle

          No, Forms2ADF generator is a special utility that can help you migrate Oracle forms to ADF. But it is by no means a silver bullet.

          See this post for more info on Forms2ADF: https://forums.oracle.com/message/10736083


          Steven Davelaar,

          JHeadstart Team.

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            Stephen J.

            Hello,  what exactly is it you want to do with ADF?  Are you trying to convert an existing forms application to ADF?  If so, you're best bet is to download the JHeadstart Developer's Guide and read through the chapter on the Forms2ADF Generator.


            That guide, in general, might provide you with the best answer to your question.  The chapter on Using JHeadstart gives a good summary of what the tool looks like and how it works.


            In short, rather than using the standard drag-and-drop, declarative functionality that JDeveloper provides for building your application interface, JHeadstart allows you to set a wide variety of properties for your forms and tables, and for the fields on them, then uses Velocity templates to generate the forms and tables (and associated task-flows and page definition bindings) for you.  You can also customize those Velocity templates to build interface elements that aren't supported in JHeadstart by default.


            Hope that helps.

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