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    Cant repply to discussions


      When I try to repply a message I got the following error:


      "An error occurred while trying to submit your post. Please try again."


      How can I solve it?





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          Can you reply here?

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            Lets check

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              I saw a similar issue just after the cutover.  The same thing happened on both IE 10 and Firefox.  I may have fixed it by deleting all stored IE content (history and cookies) and rebooting the Windows 7 laptop.  Before that I tried without effect restoring the IE settings and web searches.


              Someone posted that OTN was having growing pains during the first week (problem was with OTN, not my browsers) which is possible but I am having trouble accepting that the same issue existed for 2 days and magically went away after I did something to try to fix it due to something else entirely.  On the other hand why deleting IE history and cookies would fix the problem of Firefox does not make sense to me either unless a bad cookie was giving both browsers a stomach ache.

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                For me yesterday that seemed correlated with some login timeout or similar issue.  I opened another firefox browser window, logged in, and then was able to go back and post from the original window that had erred.


                This technology is definitely indistinguishable from magic.

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                  Or "Witchcraft to the ignorant"   According to older posts in the Jive community forum, the error could also be due to caching issues, content issue or browser incompatibly. If a re-login does not help I suggest to try using the advanced editor or trying with a different browser.


                  Here is a link to the Netapp forum, which uses Jive too - someone having the same issue.