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    OATS Openscript - issue with recording popup window


      I have just started using OATS for few weeks. I have been able to succesfully recorded and modified scripts for Oracle Forms / Browser automation - so that's good.

      However, I am now having difficulties with this particular script I am trying to record. This script is supposed to login to eBusiness, navigate to Create Service Request then logout to finish off. The problem is, in one step of creating this Service Request, I need to click on the torch icon next to "Request Type" textbox which will bring up a popup box/window where I can then select the desired value (radio button style), then click OK that will close the popup window and put the value in the textbox.. then continue the steps.

      During playback, it does not recognize the popup window.. doesn't do anything, just stuck in there.

      I think, there are issues with popup window with OpenScript? Because initially, instead of navigating through Create Service Request page in one window, I clicked on the quicklink which brings up Create Service Request page in a new window - doing it this way made the script just stopped recording after few steps.

      Is this a known issue? Anyone knows a work around? Should I raise a Service Request to Oracle for this?

      P.S. When I recorded Oracle Form, I had no issues with popup box/dialog there.

      Thanks a lot for the help!

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          Hi Gery,
          This issue can be solved by putting the NULL in screenshot statement like below.
          Delete the number(49) and put 'null' in place like below
          it is working fine for me after doing this changes.
          this problem got resolved in OATS 9.2 Version..


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            Hi MRSN,


            I have started working on OATS for automating our application.


            Our application consists some text box which are linked with one link, that link opens one pop-up having values. We can select those values by clicking on checkboxes alligned with the values.

            Now problem is, we are not able to capture that checkbox id or name or the pop up itself, so that we can record that.

            Is there any function or script through which we can capture these objects.


            I'm using OATS12.2.0.1


            Thanks in advance.



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              Deepu Muraleedharan

              Hi Deepak,


              Can you please check whether objects were captured in DOMTree. If you found objects there, then create code based on objects and properties found in DOMTree



              Deepu M

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                Hi Deepu,


                Actually the code written by the dev is as follows:


                textbox is connected with a link button which on clicking opens an popup window having values with checkboxes . We cannot select any value from the popup until we click on the checkboxes. Now the problem occurs when we try to capture that popup window and checkboxes in them. Actually there is no id for any of the checkboxes and popup window.

                The devs are generating the popup window by creating an array and then inserting the values in that dynamically.

                We have class and onclick function in TD tag in the HTML view for the popup window.


                Can we create any function and then try to click on the checkboxes.

                One more thing, the popup is the multi selection.


                Please let me know if you need more information, other than code....




                Deepak Khari

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                  Deepu Muraleedharan



                  Find an unique attribute of check boxes. If you can see those objects in DOMTree, check any objects having unique property, ie. as per my understanding your popup contains a table with multiple columns in which one column in full of check boxes.

                  So if any of the column objects have unique attribute, the we can check corresponding check boxes



                  Deepu M