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    EPM Starting in Admin State. Please help


      Hello Gurus,


      The installation and configuration of the was successfully completed (per EPM system configurator), however after starting the services most of the service went to ADMIN state in Weglogic.


      Log file for one of the server says that there are Unresolved application library references, defined in weblogic-application.xml.

      Error is same for other components as well.


      Following is what I have tried -

      1. Reconfigured one of the servers (Planning0) but it did not resolve the issue.
      2. Followed the steps mentioned in the support doc -

      Enterprise Performance Management: Weblogic "FoundationServices" Admin Server Starting In Admin Mode [ID 1481843.1]

      But it did not resolve the issue.

      I also checked the validation report and the following is common for most of them -

      Check if all shared libraries are targeted for application "<servername>".

      Any help will be highly appreciated.