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    Oracle Client for windows 7 64 bit OS


      I have an issue with Oracle client 32 bit( when the user migrating from Windows Vista 32 bit to Windows 7 64 bit machine. Primarily my application is windows forms application developed in C#.net.


      It was working fine with windows Vista 32 bit machine. My question here is should I install an oracle client 64 bit to make my application to run on windows 7 64 bit machine? or a 32 bit oracle client will work?


      I found a few of the suggestions in forums saying that I can go for 11g but it is not possible because the other applications which uses the oracle client 32 bit are working fine and my client don't want to disturb that.


      Can you please suggest me what version of oracle 10g client is needed to make my application to work on windows 7 64 bit machine?


      Please find the following information

      oracle server is on windows Vista 32 bit machine

      oracle client previously on vista 32 bit now it should be on windows 7 64 bit

      application is developed in C#.net