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    Unable to create READONLY cache


      Dear All,



      We are trying to create a Readonly cache. Following are the details:


      con1: Command> dssize

        PERM_ALLOCATED_SIZE:      307200
        PERM_IN_USE_SIZE:         9585
        PERM_IN_USE_HIGH_WATER:   9585
        TEMP_ALLOCATED_SIZE:      65536
        TEMP_IN_USE_SIZE:         10915
        TEMP_IN_USE_HIGH_WATER:   13728



      con1: Command> cachegroups;


      Cache Group CACHEADM.TEST:

        Cache Group Type: Read Only
        Autorefresh: Yes
        Autorefresh Mode: Incremental
        Autorefresh State: Paused
        Autorefresh Interval: 5 Seconds
        Autorefresh Status: ok
        Aging: No aging defined

        Root Table: HR.BIGDATA
        Table Type: Read Only

      1 cache group found.



      con1: Command> call ttgridstatus;

                  < MYGRID1_alone1_1: member update phase 9 >

      1 row found.


      But when we try to LOAD the CACHE, we get following error:


      con1: Command> LOAD CACHE GROUP test  COMMIT EVERY 256 ROWS;

      5056: The cache operation fails: error_type=<Oracle Error>, error_code=<1740>,

      error_message: ORA-01740: missing double quote in identifier

      The command failed.


      and again if if execute the above command we get


      con1: Command> LOAD CACHE GROUP test  COMMIT EVERY 256 ROWS;

        799: Unable to connect to daemon; check daemon status

      The command failed.



      but the Daemon is Running..



      Please help????