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    Report query XML schema error - Apex Listener 2


      I built a simple query: select * from emp in (Shared components > Report Query)


      When I try to download XML schema for this query (Source Query section) resulting xsd file contains this text: String index out of range: -1


      Shared Apex hosting:

      Print server: Apex Listener 2.0.1

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          Hey Saymonc, we're you ever able to find the cause of this issue?  I'm having this happen to me as well.  When I begin using the Report Query functionality, the schema downloaded just fine.  I made an update to a query and began receiving this error.  Now I get the error for ALL of my report queries.  I tried removing them and recreating them, and I continue to receive this error in my schema file, no matter how simple the query.  The data will download just fine, and using the Test Report button works as well.