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        I think there has been a trend in global software development for many years now that each and everything has to be done in a web browser. The results are security problems and all kinds of over-engineered and buggy solutions. A web browser was simply not designed to support the execution of sophisticated computer programs. So perhaps in the future computers are going to run only web browsers in place of an operating system?!



        Anyway, the forum software may just be another good example, which relies on its own program execution and data processing for reasons of compatibly and providing features, and only happens to use a web browser and is not well integrated.



        IT is probably one of the most idiotic industries. It's great for creative people but extremely inefficient, expensive and unreliable. Now that we all have super powerful desktop computers, the trend goes practically back to dumb devices and centralized systems. From what I can gather, a lot of the issues with the new forum software are the result of processing on the server or lack of it, reflecting in unreliable client operations. For instance, if the server or connection to the server is unreliable, the forum editor goes haywire.

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          Oracle does not make the forum software and was perhaps not even testing or implementing the forum upgrade themselves. I have no information. However, it does not matter because it is the result that counts and not the effort. This is not necessarily fair, but the easiest. The forum software is Oracle's responsibility after all.


          P.S. you certainly do not want to have a boss who judges people by their efforts, because than the numbnuts get promoted.

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            Assuming I'm not missing sarcasm reflecting my own sarcastic comment,  To all the whining wussies

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              PaulM. wrote:


              Wouldn't want to be wussies, now, would we?

              wussies ? what's that ?


              How to tell if your friend is a wuzz

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                > wussies ? what's that ?

                It's a weak form of a similar word that starts with "P".

                However, I imagine the stronger word would encounter the iron fist of the forum filter.

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                  Paul M.

                  To all the whining wussies

                  I had not read that thread before, I did it now, and I stopped after a few lines : I have more important things to do than waste my time in that kind of discussions.

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                    EdStevens wrote:


                    HemantKChitale wrote:


                    >why do I have to login anew so frequently?

                    Somehow, it seems that that cookie isn't recognised occassionally.


                    >when that speed up will occur?

                    Opening a thread sometimes just "hangs".



                    Hemant K Chitale

                    I'd hope that Sonya and others are noticing the performance issues.  The first week was pretty bad, then they seemed to have taken some corrective actions and weeks 2 and 3 were pretty good. But the last couple of weeks have been pretty painful in terms of response time, time taken to respond and return a page.


                    And something else I've notice and am not enough of a web app guy to know what's going on .. but I always thought a browser's 'back' button simply refreshed from a local cache of the last viewed page.  But here it seems that the 'back' button is sending a request back to the the forum's servers and waiting for a response.  This is with Firefox.

                    FWIW, performance so far seems pretty good this morning ... noticeably better than the last couple of weeks.  It would be interesting to know is being done/ has been done ...

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                      Same here, response time has been excellent this morning.


                      < 1 second for most clicks.

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                        Shhhhhh, mentioning it, might break it again

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                          Seems to be faster today.    So the answer (let's all think happy thoughts and avoid "negative waves") is 6 days?

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