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    LQL Error


      The same LQL query works in my Prod env but gives error in DEV env for the metrics bar

      the error is "


      •The LQL query does not return any results."




      need help

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          Samuele S.


          could you please write here the query that's generating that error?

          I'm trying to understanding your issue: if your endeca server weblogic domain runs in production mode everything is ok, but when you change the setting of the domain to 'development environment' the same query in the same metrics bar returns an error. That's right?

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            Branchbird - Pat

            I second Samuele's request, not a lot to go on here.


            Generally, if you have a query that returns data on one instance and not another, the indexes probably contain different data.  The other cause could be that your data source contains a filter that is filtering out the relevant data (and the component is bound to different data sources in different environments).