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    Cannot acquire lock: already locked by <user> (code: 202,510)


      I use EDQ from remote server. Sometimes when I do not log off properly and I log in again, I would not be able to access process in a EDQ project that I was working on before and I would get an error like Error Opening Canvas - Cannot acquire lock: already locked by <user> (code: 202,510). The issue would get resolved by itself after one or two days. How to resolve this issue instantly?



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          You can use JConsole to connect to EDQ on the JMX port (defaults to 8090 on most installations, 9005 if EDQ is installed using the Windows installer), and use the MBean under User Authentication - Operations - invalidateSessionsForUser, specifying the user name that has the object edit-locked.


          An application server restart will have the same effect.


          The error should not occur in normal usage - unless a client session really is left open (?)