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    LOV with validation on itself




      i'm looking for a solution for validation on a lov.

      I've got an LOV in a tabular form with the values A,B,C and D. The value is saved on state 'B', now i should only be possible to select values A and D. And not C. Is this possible with some kind of an if statement?

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          There is a feature request for LOV's to be able to reference a value in the item itself. There is an option to achieve this in a FORM but not a TABULAR FORM. It works like this on a form, for instance:


          select thing_id r, thing_name d from table_of_things where thing_type = 'FILTER' and ( active_flag = 'Y' or thing_id = :P99_THIS_FIELD )


          This way you can filter out the value already in the item (B), but your logic behind not showing C is unclear to me.


          And vote for feature request AC3E (and to see more background info on this type of LOV).