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    Skillbuilder modal 2.0 plugin problem




      I'm going crazy trying to find out why my application is not working OK on my environment.


      I have created a modal page example.

      When submitting my data, the modal page (page 22) was not being auto closed, in stead it is staying in the modal page.

      And showing 1 error has occurred, where the success message should be shown.

      And the data in page 22 is not being submitted to the database.


      So I decided to load my application in the apex.oracle.com environment for support, and when testing it there, everything is working fine!!



      So now I'm confused why it is not working in my environment :



      Database: Oracle Database 11g Release


      Can some one please help me on this issue?




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          Jorge Rimblas


          I don't think we have enough information yet to make a suggestion here.

          What is the error about?  Is it a data validation?  Javascript error? APEX internal error?


          From what you describe, I don't think this is a plugin problem at all.  To verify, you can have your page 22 open as a regular redirect and then have it branch back to the calling page.  Just to get the plugin out of the equation.  Maybe that will shed some light.