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    Another Jive forum similar to OTN


      I found another Jive installation, which looks very close to the OTN forum. Perhaps it's even the same version.





      Unfortunately I have not been able to log in so far due to some single sign on issue.  Might be interesting to see how things work over there.


      I suppose there is less traffic than on OTN, but users have similar questions, such as "Can we get a fixed font for the Syntax highlighting".


      And last, but not least:



      FWIW, there are actually quite a number of communities out there using Jive, all pretty much looking the same. So I guess Oracle or the OTN admin/staff is not really responsible for the new interface.

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          Testing editor on the Netapp forum has the same issues. I suppose it's up to Jive to provide the fix and not Oracle. I'm just surprised that people buy into and Jive gets away with providing such software.

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            Interesting.  At least Jive's own "community" demonstrates that it is not necessary to waste so much screen real estate on whitespace and graphics.



            Kind of like a comment I heard on NPR's "Car Talk" a few years ago.


            Tom: "It took the Japanese to show American car manufacturers how to build a quality vehicle."

            Ray: "No, they just showed them that it could be done.  The Americans still haven't learned how."


            Or, to paraphrase an apply to this situation:


            Tom:  "It took Jive to show Oracle how to not waste screen real estate".

            Ray: "No, they just showed them that it could be done. Oracle still hasn't learned how."

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              You mean the banner? It's a bit smaller, but I think it does not really make a difference. The rest of the interface is pretty much the same like on all Jive installations I've seen so far. Perhaps there is not so much that can be changed.


              Even after some time with the new forum, I still find the old interface more convenient because it was better organized and giving a better overview of relevant information. Anyway, it's history. I use following and tracking to find updates now, but it is more clumsy compared to the previous interface.


              I'm afraid the only change or improvement we may see are changes done by Jive. There are some posts out there that do not speak in favor of Jive, calling the software buggy, recommending other solutions, but considering that OTN had to migrate existing data, a product upgrade was presumably the only option; and it did not work properly, destroying plenty of code posts. The point system is also still messed up and I wonder if it actually can be fixed.

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                There are quite many jive communities. Even Apple is also using Jive for discussions.apple.com

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                  Interesting. I checked the Apple discussion community and it looks a lot better than OTN. The views and space occupation is much better organized. Even the editor and Syntax Highlighting seems to work the way I would expect. It's hard to believe this is Jive. It's a very different experience. Maybe this is a different version of Jive, but it's a hell of a lot better. The OTN management should get together with Apple to find out how they did it.

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                    LOL.. Yes its Jive. I worked for them on this community.


                    Some other famous communities on Jive are




                    PlayStation Blog - Asia | Hong Kong : The Official PlayStation Blog for news updates on PS3, PSP, PS Vita and PSN

                    You wont believe on play station as well. They are only using blog feature of Jive.

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                      I don't know about Jive behind the user interface or whether the Apple discussion forum uses the same release as OTN. I would imagine Apple is one of Jive's larger customers, which they are probably happy to mention. However, it demonstrates that Jive combined with the effort on the customers side can produce a good result. Why the OTN forum is the way it is, I have no idea, but it is disappointing.

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                        I thought I would add that although Apple's Jive implementation is much better than OTN, in my opinion, it was not welcome by everyone. The following may not represent the best example, but shows similar arguing: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3040380


                        I think a lot of people here will be happy, if Oracle could at least do a similar overview of a forum space like Apple discussions. Here is a screenshot: http://www.freeimagehosting.net/newuploads/6oky5.jpg. The view is similar to the previous view of the forum, showing a column with the name of the last person who responded.


                        From what I can tell, the editor in Apple's Jive works much more predictable and reliable. Code highlighting does not show line-numbers or swallow empty lines. Copy and paste has the same issues in terms of producing double-spaced lines though. Copying space delimited text into the editor automatically creates a table, which was messed up. I guess the Jive editor just tries to be too intelligent, which is simply annoying. Jive needs to fix the editor and make one that is suitable for code.


                        I wonder what the OTN staff has to say. Is anyone still there? Does this mean we are not going to see changes any time soon?