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    Oracle ESSO with Activity Directory


      Hi Guys, WeSiang here.


      I am facing a problem. Scenario given below, i have someone can help me to solve the problem.


      I have a Domain Controller, oracle.esso.com, in Microsoft AD, which Oracle Esso administrator console and oracle esso logon manager are installed in the AD.


      I have 2 client workstation which is Wins 7 and Wins Xp respectively which esso logon manager installed.


      I have 2 users: testing.1 and testing.2



      I failed to synchronize the sso enabled application with the 2 client workstations. I able to configure the applications such as google mail, yahoo mail and some client application by using administrator console. I had tried out more than 10 times to publish into the AD container. But, when i login into the client workstation by using each of the user windows ID, the sso enable application is not synchronize in the client workstation.

      Please help!!