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    Optional RTPs


      Hi All ,


      Can we craete Optional Run time prompts ? I have to craete two RTPs but the value can be given to any one of these RTPs . But when I created RTPs , it seems thay tagged as Mandatory and forcing users to enter the value in every RTP. Is there any option please ?

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          I got it .. by checking "Allow #Missing" , it becomes optional.

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            Guys .. i am checking if we can make the RTPs to choose any one only ? if I check one RTP user shouldnt allowed to enter anything into other RTP ..

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              Celvin Kattookaran

              I don't think that feature is available. I know  there will be  a business reason behind, just curious to know why would you want such a feature?







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                Sree Menon-Oracle

                I am not sure what you meant by optional RTP. Your script would be referencing both the RTPS. If one is optional, what would the script looks like if a value is not given in Planning?

                (Your script can have more than one RTP. When you launch them in Planning, the script is scanned for all the RTPs and are prompted for values. Once the values are given (assuming nothing is set to hidden), then the script is regenerated by replacing all the refrences of RTPs with their value.). So as Celcin said, what is the use case here?

                Calc Team