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    Please help, issue with expdp not exporting all of the tables




      I'm experiencing a strange issue with expdp. We have a production clustered db (11gR2 on RHEL5.4) and from time to time, we take exports from this db and import it on our test servers for testing purposes.


      Today I experienced a strange issue with expdp. As it was going on with the export of empty tables (as I investigated data pump exports/imports the tables according to their size) and it was nearly finished, it suddenly stopped and the prompt came up:


      . . exported "SYSTEM"."REPCAT$_USER_AUTHORIZATIONS"          0 KB       0 rows
      . . exported "SYSTEM"."REPCAT$_USER_PARM_VALUES"             0 KB       0 rows
      . . exported "SYSTEM"."SQLPLUS_PRODUCT_PROFILE"              0 KB       0 rows

      without prompting "Job "SYSTEM"."SYS_EXPORT_SCHEMA_01" successfully completed". Actually the dump is working well but I checked the dump on our test server and it seems some of the tables are missing (they don't have data on it, but the problem is not partitioning, as both our production server and test server are running 11gR2 enterprise edition), which caused our program not working properly on our test server. I never had this issue before, any ideas?

      Actually, this issue is kinda critical for us, as part of our Disaster Recovery Plan works with datapump dump files.