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    Demantra: Simulation profiles displayed while running the worksheet


      (a) When I run a simulation, it asks me to select the simulation engine. How does it know what all simulation engines to display.

      Say if I have 2 simulation series added to worksheet , Simulation1(standard engine profile) (server expression : sum(branch_data.sim_val_1*#UNIT#)) and Simulation 221 (for custom engine profile)(server expression : sum(branch_data.sim_val_221*#UNIT#)), should it display both the standard engine profile and custom engine profile in the drop down?

      If there is another custom simulation series Simulation 222, will the drop down display 3 engine profiles (standard , custom1 and custom2 ) even though simulation 222 series is not part of worksheet.


      (b) What is the difference between 2 server expressions