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    Purchase Order lines link with each version of purchase order?




      I have a requirement of development of a report which will give details of po headers and po lines.

      I have to pass parameter revision number which is purchase order revision number.


      When I try to get line details of previous revisions of PO the matches were not exact.




      suppose currently in the system there is 10th revision of PO. User want to generate report for 8th version of PO.

      The lines were not exactly matching when user select revision 8 from the report parameter.


      Can someone help me in getting the logic of getting exact output.


      As PO_LINES_ARCHIVE_ALL only stores those line_num that have been changed for the particular revision of PO.

      I am getting only those line details that are changed in the 8th PO. But user want all the lines corresponding to 8th PO whether changed or not changed.




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          Asif Muhammad

          Hi Mankind


          Did you check the etrm.oracle.com


          This will help in achieving your objective.


          Hope this helps!

          Best Regards

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            Thanks a lot. I explored TRM already.

            What I found is that whenever there is changes in any level either header or line PO revision got changed.

            But when there is change in lines only then for that particular line revision got changed.

            So for the 8th revision suppose there were 6 lines. And for 2 lines there were price changes. So those two lines have revision number 8. But for the rest 4 lines revision 8 was not there.


            I want to get all the six lines when I choose revision 8 in my report parameter.


            How can I achieve this..


            My Query is as follow:


            Select pha.segment1, pla.item_description, pla.quantity, pla.unit_price

            from po_headers_all pha, po_lines_all pla

            where pha.po_header_id =pla.po_header_id

            and pha.po_header_id = :header_id

            and pha.revision_num =nvl(:PO_revision_num,pha.revision_num)


            Select phar.segment1, plar.item_description, plar.quantity, plar.unit_price

            from po_headers_archive_all phar, po_lines_archive_all plar

            where phar.po_header_id =plar.po_header_id

            and phar.po_header_id = :header_id

            and phar.revision_num =:PO_revision_num

            and plar.revision_num =:PO_revision_num

            and phar.revision_num =  plar.revision_num


            The issue is when I am selecting the current revision of PO , I am getting correct data as query is fetching data from po_headers_all and po_lines_all tables.

            But when I am selecting previous versions of PO, I am getting correct data for header level. But for line level, I am getting only those lines which are amended for that PO.

            Client requirement is to get complete line details for that PO whether lines are amended or not. Means if for PO revision 2 , three lines amended and there are total 5 lines---- so all 5 lines need to be displayed.


            Thanks for your valuable thoughts.





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