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      Hi All,


      Can we create a multidatasource on a normal database, i mean if we are not using RAC database.




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          Multidatasource is a feature in Oracle Weblogic Server to connect to a RAC  Database and to leverage the loadbalancing and failover capabilities.


          It may not serve the purpose to configure a multidatasource to a non RAC database.


          Instead you can choose to use GenericDataSource to connect to a non RAC Database.


          Hope this answers your question!!




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            we want to do this only for testing purpose, in our current env. we have normal database, but in prod we have RAC DB and multidatasource.

            we want to convert generic datasource to multidatasource and test some tuning parameters.

            so is it possible, if we create generic datasource pointing to same DB and create multidatasource, pointing these two generic datasouce,

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              Joe Weinstein-Oracle

              Yes you can, no problem, except that you will have sole responsibility for ensuring consistency between the data in the multiple datasources.

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                As i know, multi data source can be used for two or more physical databases. If you have only one physical db, you dont need to create multi data source.

                By using multi data source you can use two or more db at the same time or you can use it for failover situations.