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      Hi All,


        We are using 3 ASM Disk group in our environment 2 for DATA and FRA and another for EM_GRID. Now Em_grid  DG is full ,

      please guide me what to do next to get free space .


      SQL> select name, total_mb, usable_file_mb from v$asm_diskgroup;

      NAME                             TOTAL_MB      USABLE_FILE_MB

      ------------------------------ ----------             --------------

      DATA01                            3584000        1568207

      EM_GRID_01                     10240              7

      FRA01                             1536000        1163676





          To add freespace to the EM_GRID_01 diskgroup requires:

          • freeing in-use space (e.g. drop tables, tablespaces, reduce archive logs, etc)
          • adding one ore more disks/LUNs to the diskgroup (and rebalancing the diskgroup)


          You cannot add space from the FRA01 (or DATA1) diskgroup to the EM_GRID_01 diskgroup. What you can do is:

          • remove one or more disks/LUNs from FRA01 (and rebalance), then add these candidate disks to EM_GRID_01 - this however may not be possible given the number of disks in FRA01 and the redundancy level of FRA01
          • change the database instance(s) file destination to FRA01 and adding more datafiles to tablespaces (files are created on FRA01 diskgroup) - this however may be problematic having the database instance's datafiles scattered across 2 different physical diskgroups.


          The typical (and recommended IMO) option is to add more disks/LUNs to the EM_GRID_01 diskgroup.