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    Whether database or coherence


      OSB/BPEL will be deployed in clustered mode with around 7 to 8 domains in Active Active as well as Active Passive modes.

      We have few requirements.

      1.When OSB/BPEL processes the message, it has to update few counters during the message flow processing. When the next message arrives, OSB will retrieve the counter value, use it in the message when it sends to the target system. It increments the counter value.

      2.When the source system sends chunks of messages to the middleware adapter service, (during the first time, source sends part of the message, during the second call, it sends the remaining part of message)

      In the above two scenarios, storing the counters as well as parts of the messages, we are planning to store it in the database. For each message processing, there will be a few db calls to stored procedures which retrieve and increment the counter values, concatenating the parts of message to form a full message. This is the current design we have as of now.

      Can we use Coherence to achieve the above scenarios. Which one is better. Whether db or coherence