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    Using Oracle Directory Server Discovery for sqlplus/jdbc


      Hello, everyone!


      Has anyone tried to use Oracle Directory Server Discovery (Developing Applications With Oracle Extensions to the Standard APIs - 11g Release 1 (11.1.1))?


      I mean, is it possible to employ the next configuration:

      setup dns system with SRV records for _ldap._tcp._oid.domain.com

      use sqlplus without TNS_ADMIN configs/jdbc in form of ldap:///<tnsname> (which stands for cn=<tnsname>,cn=OracleContext,dc=domain,dc=com) or ldap:///cn=<tnsname>,ou=uk,dc=domain,dc=com

      the client component do resolve ldap directory server location through DNS and just substitutes it in exsting forms of urls (like sqlnet/ldap://ldapserver.domain.com)?


      I thought it could be more interesting in enterprise environment than distributing config files along with a client.




      Ivan Kovalenko