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    Autovue ActiveX in MS Access form ?


      Hi Autovue Users,

      We have a dozens of Autovue licences used for visualization of automotive parts mainly, but one is used as an embedded viewer in a MS Access form,

      we currently have this V19.3.xx still running fine in MS Access, but now I would like to switch to 20.2.x and I realize that the Autovue ActiveX are not listed in MS form toolbox,

      I can see and reference the jVueAX.ocx in my project, I even tried to initilize it by code from some example I found in the forum, however I'm always ending in error "ActiveX component can't create object"


      - is it possible to use an Autovue ActiveX in MS access 2010 as before ?

      - If so, any example is welcome.