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    PDF printing using APEX Listener 2.0.1 and with reverse proxy set up throws an error




      I have an APEX 4.2 application that has an email button, based on a pl sql process, which sends out an email with a pdf file created by APEX Listener.


      This worked well till reverse proxy was set up on the system. Once that happened, the url of the application was masked from http://foo.com/apex/app1 to https://bar.com/apex/app1. This has caused the email functionality to stop working. The button now throws an error:


      • ORA-20001: The printing engine could not be reached because either the URL specified is incorrect or a proxy URL needs to be specified.


      The email is a pl sql process that goes



          l_id number;

          l_document BLOB;

          l_xml_data BLOB;

          l_mail_to varchar2(100);  




      Select EMAIL_ID into l_mail_to from APPLICATION_USER WHERE lower(NED_ID) = lower(apex_authentication.get_login_username_cookie);


      l_document := APEX_UTIL.GET_PRINT_DOCUMENT








      l_id := APEX_MAIL.SEND


             p_to        => l_mail_to,       

             p_from      => 'test@test.com',

             p_subj      => 'DETAILS',

             p_body      => 'Please review the attachment.',

             p_body_html => 'Please review the attachment.'






             p_mail_id    => l_id,

             p_attachment => l_document,

             p_filename   => 'DETAIL.pdf',

             p_mime_type  => 'application/pdf'






      I'd appreciate any guidance with the same.


      Now, this is my first time posting a question on the forums. If I have missed out on any information that you'd like to see, let me know and I'll post it on here.