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    create RESTful web service with CSV format (bug??)

    Kevin Zhang

      Hi All:


      I am using APEX 4.2.2 with APEX listener 2.0.2.


      I have create a RESTful web service to retreieve some data from a table. The format is "CSV" (the other option is JSON, which I am not faimilar with).


      then I tested and it generate with below sample data.

      United States,"Zhang, Kevin",IT


      Above data means: Country, fullname, department


      As you can see value of fullname is double-quoted and also contains a comma (,) in it.



      Then I create a web service reference in a test application. Then I create a a form and report on web service.


      The problem is the fullname. The output looks like below:


      Country                 fullname                    Department

      United States        "Zhang                      IT


      As you can see, APEX is not able to get fullname correctly.



      Anyone see this issue and how to resolve it?