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    Exalogic  VLAN bond issue




      vlan module: 8021q used


      For example
      ref link; http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E18476_01/doc.220/e18478/commproc.htm#BEIHAIDA --- here they used multiple physical hosts not single ethernet port

      in bracket oracle details and other is my details

      1)  eth0 (1A-ETH-3) - ethernet port
      2)  vlan121 (eth4, vlan 10 ) -     vlan 121
      3)  vlan122 (eth5, vlan 11 ) -      vlan 122

      I have a exalogic machine which has Oracle Linux 5.6- x64 bit


      Created 2 VLANs with IP and bond interface if i start network service [service network restart], I


      get hardware address conflicts error message on vlan 121, 122


      i have 1 physical lan cord, creating eth0, multiple vlans, bond1, bond0 interfaces


      i could see eth0, bond1 but vlan121, vlan122 no static ips displayed


      Question : How can i build vlan121, vlan122 ip address should set as static ips (or) based on hardware address


      when i run #ifconfig -a ==> default HwAddr displays common for all the vlans, bond1, eth0


      # vim /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-vlan121






















      # vim /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-vlan122






















      # vim /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-bond1


















      BONDING_OPTS="mode=active-backup miimon=100 downdelay=5000 updelay=5000"



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            how to resolve this issue???


            real error on # service network restart

            kernel ==> 2.6.32-200.21.1.el5uek, oracle linux 5.6


            Shutting down interface <<vlan intrface >>: bonding: bond1: Warning: the permanent HWaddr

            of <<vlan intrface>>- 00:14:5E:xx:1C:xx - is still in use by bond1. Set the HWaddr of <<vlan intrface>>

            to a different address to avoid conflicts.

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              narayana wrote:


              how to resolve this issue???

              I have no idea.

              If you read my earlier statement, you were simply being guided to NOT multi-post.

              That is poor forum etiquette here and every other legitimate online forum web site I've ever examined.

              Keep your forum inquiries in a single discussion thread.

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                Next time there wont be any duplicate pls

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                  From what I understand, bonding is designed to work with different physical interfaces, each having its unique MAC address. A VLAN interface uses the same MAC address as the physical device it binds to. Since you have only one NIC, all VLAN devices have the same MAC address, which conflicts with NIC bonding. What are you trying to accomplish to bond 2 VLAN interfaces that use one and the same NIC?

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                    Can able to assign hardware address(dummy mac) to each vlan only for bonding interface? is there anyway

                    I have Oracle Virtual Box


                    i need this if somebody can suggest is this possible if yes,,,pls let me know how do i achieve this


                    1) Exalogic vm1 - here i have eth0, bond0, [bonding bond1& (vlan121, vlan122)], ilom(vlan120)

                    1) Exalogic vm2 - here i have eth0, bond0, [bonding bond1 & (vlan131, vlan132)], ilom(vlan130)

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                      The idea of using VLAN interfaces is to setup different Ethernet networks using a single interface. Bonding creates a single network access point comprised of two or more ethernet devices for performance and redundancy.


                      What is your idea behind bonding two VLAN's? What are you trying to accomplish?

                      How does VirtualBox fit into the picture?

                      Does the Exalogic server not have more than 1 Ethernet port?

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                        yes you are right with VLAN and bonding interfaces

                        cloud will communicate fast and relaible between N compute nodes, storage nodes, where N is the number here bonding is needed for fast & active backup betweek networks


                        i need to simulate the exalogic cloud, to experiment i can't go for buying a exalogic machine[full, half...etc rack] with so much of cost involved. I am trying to simulate the same environment using the oracle provided exalogic software(cloud) and having vlans to fulfill the gateway switch related issues and multiple NICs on the single exalogic compute node.


                        Hence i create 2 compute nodes and 1 sun zfs storage node , put together into the cloud stack, this is my goal using Virtual Machines (Oracle Virtual Box)


                        hope u get me by now


                        have a look the network diagram here http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E18476_01/doc.220/e18479/net.htm#BHCJBICD

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                          Not sure, so you are using VirtualBox now, trying to simulate the setup?


                          If that's the case, why don't you simpy add another virtual machine Ethernet adapter in the virtual machine setup? You can then bond the interfaces and create your VLAN's on top of it.


                          To find out how to simulate bonding under VirtualBox  you may find the following useful:

                          GUIDE: Oracle VM VirtualBox and Oracle Linux NIC bonding

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                            Thanks a lot Dude about this info,


                            i will try to simulate this and will see the progress

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                              Hi Dude,


                              I have a basic query


                              if single machine has 4 NICs [physical and virtual] and another machine has 4 NICs[physical and virtual]

                              How do i make interaction between them


                              say example

                              gateway :

                              nic0 of box1 to nic0 of box2  --done working ex:,,,,

                              vlan120 of box1 to vlan130 of box2  not working ex:,,,,


                              box1#ping  -- works well

                              box1#ping -- network unreachable how do i make this working? this is what oracle cloud uses

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                                I'm not really sure I understand your question. If you want any or all network interface cards in a computer to be used for communication, then any or all need to be connected to a switch or network router using a cable. Every real and virtual NIC has a physical address (MAC), which the device broadcasts when initialized to tell other devices that it's there. The MAC address is a unique number. The mapping of an IP address to a MAC address is maintained by an ARP table.


                                Network redundancy typically shifts an IP address among available devices. If a devices fails, a standby is activated, which updates the ARP table to inform other devices of the change and IP communiation can continue. I have also seen non Linux systems, which actually modify the phsycial MAC address of a device. If you want to use mutliple NIC's to work in a team for performance, the system network stack needs to support inverse multiplexing and you need to connect each device to a managed network switch that supports Link Aggregation Ccontrol Protocol (802.3ad).


                                Your ping issue might be due to TCP/IP routing. Devices by default see each other only if they are phycially connected through a switch and share the same network or subnet. If you have devices with different subnets you need to configure a TCP/IP gateway or bridge. This is basic TCP/IP routing and knowledge, which is explained by many free sources available on the Internet. Just search Google for TCP/IP routing basics.




                                Looking at your TCP/IP configuration from the information you provided, your VLAN interface is not within the network (netmask) of your gateway, hence the VLAN interface has no knowledge of your other networks. So perhaps if you change your VLAN to it will work.

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                                  No linux Network admin good help till now https://www.centos.org/uploads/smil3dbd4d75edb5e.gif


                                  How do i make connectivity between these subnets?


                                  I need to setup this lab and communicate with each other


                                  I need some assistance this lab setup from Linux Network Admin person
                                  is this correct what im trying to achive, the subnets?




                                  xeon <--> vm1 <--> vm2




                                  Xeon Host CentOS 6.4 i686
                                  - eth0 -,


                                  Oracle Virtual Box 4.2.16 and used bridge adaptor


                                  Guest OS - Oracle 5.3


                                  Virtaul MC1
                                  - eth0 -,
                                  Bond1[eth1,eth2] -,
                                  eth3[ilom] -,
                                  bond0 -,


                                  Virtaul MC2
                                  - eth0 -,
                                  Bond1[eth1,eth2] -,
                                  eth3[ilom] -,
                                  bond0 -,

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                                    The subnets together with your IP address define the network broadcast address range. You have 3 different networks. You can setup your 192.168 network using a netmask which will allow you to use the full - IP range. You will need an IP gateway to connect the 10.0 network with the 192.168. network. If you do not understand what this means I suggest to fire up google, e.g. Understanding TCP/IP addressing and subnetting basics

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