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      • 300. Re: Welcome to the new OTN Community!
        Greg Spall

        b300ac1b-dc63-4400-8520-9f5dee12efb4 wrote:


        I have been given some huge, randomly generated posting alias.  It is all random letters and numbers.  There is no way for me to change this.




        Top right, click your name.

        Switch to Activity tab.

        Right side, click "Edit Profile & privacty"


        Beside Username click "Edit".


        Sure, it's a bit convoluted ... but there is a way.

        • 301. Re: Welcome to the new OTN Community!

          Or you just read the biggest fattest announcement here:


          • 302. Re: Welcome to the new OTN Community!


            I have visited the new version of OTN frequently for more than one month.

            And I register an account in OTN forum in this March.


            Basicly, I believe the upgrade is a great work, I definetly do not agree with anyone who have asked for going back to the older version.

            Thank you for your hard and good work!

            However, I also have some issues when use it, for example:

            1.It seems much slower than the older version whenever login, browse or create new thread.

            2.It seems I have missed my way:

            I posted two question threads on in the last 3 days as following: 

            How to refresh current page after return from a popup dialog? 

            in JDeveloper & ADF

            How to launch batch print for a form layout records?


            But there is no any answers or even visits(the current visit numbers is mainly by myself) for these question threads after 3 days.

            I have a very good experience and be very moved during the days in older OTN version, because for almost every of my question posts,

            within half or a day, there will be expertised and helpful answers! --This is the real important and useful thing for us.


            Is that because I posted the above two threads in wrong space? (in JDeveloper & ADF, not JDeveloper and ADF)

            How can I get more help from this forum?



            I believe the ORACLE JDEVELOPER/ADF is a more productive development tools than others,see:

            What degree of productivity can jdev/adf achieve compare to eclipse? 

            in JDeveloper and ADF

            But I and all our teams is newbie to it. so now I'm trying to do some experimental works in jdev/adf and trying to test and persuade our teams to adopt it.

            After nearly 4 months of self study and exploring, I make some progress and can do some thing with jdev/adf , but there is still a lot of questions,

            So I wonder how can I improve and quicken this process?


            Any suggestions will be very appreciated!


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              I'm experiencing the same lack of responses on my posts... Having something open for a week without getting a single comment is pretty bad.

              • 304. Re: Welcome to the new OTN Community!
                Hemant K Chitale

                My guess is that there are fewer "visits" to the new forums.  I've noticed fewer posts and responses as well.


                Hemant K Chitale

                • 305. Re: Welcome to the new OTN Community!

                  My take is that this is due to a shortened list of postings being displayed when looking at a forum space, compared to the old forum.


                  The list (threads per page) should be double in size IMO.


                  I very seldom page backwards in a forum, looking for a posting to answer. So if I do not see a posting (unanswered/open) on the 1st page, I would simply miss it. I would not be surprised if this is common behaviour.

                  • 306. Re: Welcome to the new OTN Community!
                    Barbara Boehmer

                    I posted a problem in the "downloads issues" forum almost a week ago.  So far there have been 13 views and 0 replies.


                    Oracle 12c for Windows download aborts after about 30 minutes

                    • 308. Re: Welcome to the new OTN Community!

                      (or you're just asking a question that is hard to answer)

                      • 309. Re: Welcome to the new OTN Community!
                        ranit B

                        Yes, Hemant. Even i've realized the same.


                        There used to be some contributors, whom I'm missing a lot in the new forum. To name one - Jeneesh. He was too good with ideas and his creative queries. Don't know why he's not here these dayz.


                        Even today (after 2 months), I still feel the old 'look-n-feel' of the forum was more likeable as far as learning is concerned. This opinion is entirely mine. But no doubt this's more trackable and helpful.

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                          The new forum interface is more time consuming and the editor is still full of bugs. Recent serious performance issues did not help either. Many people may have better things to do than to fight with the new forum software. The current mess of the point system and presentation of top forum participants due to the forum upgrade is perhaps another reason for contributors to have lost interest. I imagine that some people would like to use that as an excuse for it to be removed completely, which I believe would not improve the amount of valued contributions, like the current situation may indicate.

                          • 311. Re: Welcome to the new OTN Community!
                            ranit B

                            Hi Dude,


                            Is this possible to keep the old 'look n feel' of the old Jive forum... but the new features of this forum software. It's really good to keep things clear and simple.


                            Why I crave for that forum is specifically for the home page of forum (if you remember)... Go to PL/SQL forum and you see a simple UI 'clearly' showing the last 15-20 qns asked. The page is not loaded with extraneous information. It is fine to notify that a recent post has arrived but i don't feel the need to put all those info on the master PL/SQL page... This's just what i feel.

                            • 312. Re: Welcome to the new OTN Community!

                              That might be the best solution, but I think the old forum software is out of scope. I cannot speak for Oracle, but Oracle does not make the forum software and I guess the only change or improvement we may see are changes done by Jive. There are some posts out there that recommend other solutions than Jive, calling the software clumsy and buggy, but considering that OTN had to migrate existing data, I assume a product upgrade was the only feasible option, which unfortunately did not migrate all data and created some mess.


                              Perhaps changing the default view from threaded to flat could provide some improvement, provided it can be changed. It's difficult to find the latest responses in threaded view, and some people may be to lazy having to log in and type their username and password every time to find out what's new. It also happens more than often that I'm logged out while responding.

                              • 313. Re: Welcome to the new OTN Community!

                                Coming in on a Monday morning and looking at Database General questions, it seems to me there used to be many pages of questions from the weekend, where now there is maybe two of the much less dense new pages.  (I was configured to display as many threads per page as the old software allowed.)

                                • 314. Re: Welcome to the new OTN Community!

                                  The communications tab is getting confused about whether I've read it's contents again, after working fine for many days.

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