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    Supported Operating System for Weblogic ?


      Hi there,


      Can someone please help me to decide with proper Operating System?


      Some background/information


      I'm using laptop with Intel Core i3 processor , 6GB Ram and HDD 500GB, running with Windows8.

      Now I would like install "red hat linux version" as a dual boot on my laptop , so started working on this...

      I tried installing rhel-5.0/1/4/5/8 , and all fails always with some errors immediately after starting the process like "unable to open some-package" / or missing package, but actually I have prefect software to use without any issues , but even then it fails.

      From the supported version i observed to use rhel-4.x or rhel-5.x versions , this is fine.

      Can I also use rhel-6.x for weblogic ? Is rhel-6.x version also supports weblogic ? Please help me.

      And please let me know if anyone has step-by-step procedure to install rhel using USB.