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    Is there any method can get page layout then select page to print?

    Hellen Cao-Oracle

      In our case, we have more than 2000 reports design in character mode.

      In report 6i we can use report runtime to preview & print report directly via pre-defined .prt file located in server.


      But in 11g, Oracle docs says that pdf feature does not support character mode report.


      So we run paper layout report in web and generate text file by using destype=file and desname=<server directory> and desformat=<user defined>.prt , yes the result text file got mapping width & height , but we cannot implement page layout & select page to print function.


      Are there any suggestions for character mode report to generate report layout like PDF or others format that could contain layout information like the page layout then we can select which page to print? ?



      Thanks in Advance.