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    Problems Compacting Oracle 10g Database Express


      I am currently using Oracle Database Express with Primavera P6.


      I have filled my Oracle Database Express to about 80% fill and do not wish to exceed the size limit (done that before!)

      Consequently I have Exported and the Deleted about 50% of the projects that I have in the database.

      I then compacted the database, but there is no change in the size of the database.

      I then tried backing it up, and doing a restore on what should be a smaller database, this still returned the same size database.

      I have since copied another project and the database size has grown so I believe that even though I have removed projects this has actually not freed up any more space.


      I am currently running P6 on a laptop in stanadalone mode.

      Primaver P6 Version 7.0.0 (Build #: 00000092)

      Database : Oracle Database 10g Express Edition Release

      Windows 7 Service Pack 1 32 bit

      Intel Core i5 @ 2.5Ghz

      4GB Ram


      Would appreciate some suggestions, thanks


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          Srini Chavali-Oracle

          Pl post exact steps you have taken to export, delete, compact, backup etc - how are you determining the size, before and after ?



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            I use Primavera P6 as a planning package in the Construction Industry and this uses Oracle Express in the background as the Database to store (& Manipulate) the data.


            From within Primavera you can delete Projects (after using Primaveras inbuilt export facility to make a backup on a project by project basis in seperate files outside the database)


            On the Windows Start Menu I have an "Oracle Database Express" Menu and from within this menu "Go to Database Home Page" (I have Primavera closed when using this area)


            logging into the database homepage using user "PUBPRM$PM" there is a "Useage Monitor" on the right hand side of the screen that shows Database sizes

            • Storage 4210MB with over 80% used
            • Memory 811MB with about 80% used

            On the left hand side of the screen there is an "Administrator" button this brings up a further set of buttons one of which is marked "Storage"


            Changing user here to "ADMPRM$PM" I get another screen.

            • On the left hand side it actually says the database is 82% used.
            • On the right hand side there is another small menu that has the option to "Compact Storage"
            • Using this option brings up a DOS style screen where I accept the options

            However there has been no change in the size of database even after deleting large number of projects from Primavera.


            From the original "Oracle Database Express" Menu I also have options to "Backup" and "Restore" the database.

            • I have tried these options (after deleting the Primavera Projects) but the database size remains the same.
            • I have not tried (and do not know how) deleting the database and doing a complete restore


            Thanks for any help


            Hugh Murray

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              Srini Chavali-Oracle

              Can you run this storage report described in this link - Managing Database Storage

              and post a screenshot of the output ?


              I am not knowledgeable about P6, but could it be that the delete Projects functionality is not actually deleting any data from the database ? Is there a way to verify ?