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    What is the expected behavior for a folder with autoquery set to "Always" ?


      Hi all,


      I tried a testcase recently and I ran into some issues with a folder with Autoquery set to Always . I setup the folder to use a query and to restrict the lines shown in a form, based on a specific string. I attached the folder to an user and tested the form. I saw different behaviors :


      1. first time I open the form and query a specific quote number , the folder  appears to be selected and it restricts the line shown in the view, as expected. All ok so far

      2. without closing the form, I query again the exact same quote. When navigating to the view for which the folder was created, the folder icon shows that the folder is applied, but in reality all the lines are shown . If you apply the folder again manually, the lines are restricted based on the query from the folder.

      3. close the form, open it again. Folder working fine. Do an operation on the form  and save. The view with the form still shows the folder as being applied, but in reality all the lines get shown again.


      My question is : is this expected behavior ? From what I see, a folder with autoquery only works when you open a fresh form . Any other operation after that, that triggers a form refresh, does not apply the folder, as I would expect. And the fact that the folder name is being shown makes the user think that the folder is applied, which is fact is not .


      Kind regards,