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    Disable trimming for CHAR




      I've got an JEE 6 application that I need to validate on WebLogic Server This application uses JPA to access to the data layer, which is an IBM DB2 database. At first, I have deployed the EAR without a JPA Provider to use the default provided by the application server : EclipseLink for WLS 12c.

      Historically, data in CHAR type were retrieved from the database with their whitespaces ; this is the behavior found on JBoss AS with Hibernate. On WLS12, these data are automatically trimmed and produce some regressions in the application.


      I've searched how to disable the trim-strings function in EclipseLink but this parameter is not available in JPA properties of the persistence.xml. After that, I tried to deploy the EAR with Hibernate embedded as JPA Provider to overcome my problem. However, I was surprised to see that the problem is still present then I have no problem on JBoss AS. Using the same JDBC driver on JBoss AS (with the same properties), there remains the datasource and WebLogic Server layer specific that could add this trimming.


      Is there a setting to return to the desired behavior : no trimming ???


      Thanks in advance.