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    Windows 8 and Unifier


      Has anyone been able to run unifier in the Windows 8 environment that required internet explorer 10 (not yet supported by unifier and doesn't work well).  I can get into unifier from IE 10 but several functions do not behave properly.  The compatibility mode works -- kind of but is very clumsy.  Just wondering if there are other solutions.  I was wondering if unifier works using Chrome and the IE tab with the IE tab configured with IE9. 

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          Marc DiNick

          This is a big problem for us; every time a new contractor comes on board or IE 9 automatically updates to 10 on Win 7, I get a call.  Compatibility mode does sorta work for most user functions, but not for administrator functions for some reason.  When pressed, Oracle tells us to expect IE 10 compatibility sometime in 2014, which is likely after the release of IE 11, so . . . we don't know what to think.

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            I did find a co-worker who has run unifier using Firefox and their IE 9 emulator.  She indicated that it worked fine.  Unfortunately she was using a Windows 7 PC and not Windows 8 but in theory, it might still work.  I am trying to track down a win 8 PC and test before I invest in one personally 

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              Rudy Ising

              Oracle is stating that Unifier 10 will be browser-neutral, but I would not expect to see any major shift until then.  However, even in browser-neutral product versions (like PCM14 or P6 R8.2) there are often anomalies between browsers and browser versions.


              There will always be a challenge to split the difference between cutting edge new functionality and backwards compatibility.  In addition, software development for an application like Unifier or PCM will almost always be done some time before release, meaning that there will always be a new browser or OS to catch up to.

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                The issue of Unifier not working with IE10 is becoming a big problem for our company.  Some of our partner users (contractors) have gone to IE10 and when I tell them they need to roll back to IE9 in order to use Unifier they are disgruntled and some have been unwilling.  We tried IE10 in compatibility mode and still have problems with the forms in Skire Unifier rendering properly.  Does anyone know when Unifier 10 will be released?


                I do understand that this is a burden for the software companies to continually try to comply with all of the browser updates. 

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                  Rudy Ising

                  I don't believe that Oracle has announced an official timeframe other than 2014 for Unifier 10.