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    Activation of HEMI function in UPK 3.5.1


      Hi All,


      I have an urgent requirement of activating HEMI support function in UPK 3.5.1.


      As per my understannding, HEMI is a support function which automatically links Oracle to UPK. So if a user needs help whilst navigating the system they can click on the HEMI link (which I am led to believe is similar to the Help button / hyperlink function) and it will take them to a list of all relevant UPK content as identified through the Unique context ID that is saved when the UPK topics are recorded - the user can then select the relevant topic and it will play in ‘DO IT’ mode alongside the live application from the screen in which the help was requested (i.e. the topic will only run from the point in which the user asked for help).


      Kindly help me to activate the support link in UPK 3.5.1