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    Question:  New User Roles between Versions


      Is there any place besides the Admin Guide, Appendix A where new user roles are listed out.  I would be very happy to see a list of only the new roles available from major release to major release in the release notes or other documentation.  Is there a way to avoid wading and comparing text list to text list of the entire roles list from the admin guide?

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          We try to document all new user roles in the Release Notes with explanations around them.  Those items are usually marked with "Pre-work Needed" so you could quickly scan the release notes to find them or search for "[".   PQM was released in 6.1.1 and it included a lot of new roles. PQM roles are documented in the Admin guide.     


          If you want a faster and more accurate way to compare you can get a quick list of all of the roles available by just looking at the roles table in the database and comparing that to your previous version.   "select * from Roles"


          Hope this helps