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    Padding in BI Publisher


      Hi, I'm using a pivot table in BI Publisher, and one of the rows that I'm inserting his a concatenation and I need to use some padding in it:




      But I can't see the padding when I look at the report. Is there a way to do it?

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          For rpad, use this syntax:<?xdofx:rpad(INVOICE_NUMBER,10)?>


          For concatenation, use either of these examples for sytax:

          <?xdofx:3||2?> or <?concat(' ' , NET_DATE, '   ', NAME)?>  -- in this case I am assuming that NET_DATE AND NAME are fields in your xml file.


          In your case, you would need this:

          <?xdofx:rpad(concat(INVOICE_NUMBER, ' ' , NET_DATE, '   ', NAME), 10)?>


          It would be better to get this padding and concatenation done via your query and thereby in your xml file rather than doing this in RTF if possible..




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            That's my issue. I"m doing the padding and the concatenation in the query and it doesn't get into the XML. I don't want to us a RTF if possible.

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              Are you able to run the query in SQLPlus/Toad and is the output per expectations?

              I tried this and it works for me:


              select rpad(('De' || ' ' || 'John' || ' '||'Kim'),16, '*') as name from dual

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                In SQL+  it works fine, it does what is is suppose to do. It's when it gets into the reports that it doesn't work anymore.