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    Oracle HSF Error Code 2603




      When i am running mapping from HSF to ASO application i am getting errorcode 2603 any idea?


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          Experts any luck?

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            Sorry for the VERY late response Ajay...I'm just getting started with the Forums, however, I've been working with/implementing HSF for 10+ years.  Couple questions...


            1. Are you still seeing this issue?

            2. What version of HSF are you on?

            3. This may have to do with the ASO vs. BSO issue.  There are a few different issues with mapping to ASO.  One of them is that the "Country" attribute doesn't exist which prevents users from running Batches.  In addition, you lose the ability to map to "Parent" accounts in the structure because it will automatically aggregate.  Because of this we often will stage HSF data in a BSO cube and transfer it into the ASO cube.  If you are just using the cube for HSF reporting the BSO could be sufficient by itself.


            I'd be more then happy to continue the discussion further if you would like.




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