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    FRS - Sizing a chart to page width

    F. Arabak

      The FRS user guide gives instruction on how to re-size report objects, but only text boxes. The chart I'm working with displays very narrowly when opening it. The text on the x axis is so bunched together that it overlaps and cannot be read. I cannot find where I might adjust the properties to make it wider. I would like to make the chart page width. Thanks

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          Neeraj Lahoti-Oracle



          Save report to your desk top as .des ext.

          Open it through note pad and



          1. Search file for string <CHARTOBJECT , this should take you to the CHARTOBJECT section.
          2. Then search for OBJECT_WIDTH. There are OBJECT_WIDTH parameters for objects other than charts, that is why we start first with locating the Chartobject section first.

          Try adjusting size here.