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    Internet Directory is 'INVALID' after patch


      Dear Friends;

        I'm very new to Oracle Application server. Please help me on this issue.


      1. I installed Application server in RHEL 5.4 32bit

      2. Then patched it to (before that infra db is updated to sucessfully.)

      3. When I execute this command in SQL i got this output.


      SQL> select * from app_registry; 


      WORKFLOW    Oracle Workflow                                                OWF_MGR  15-AUG-2005 03:36:16
      SYNDICATIONOracle Application Server Syndication Services                DSGATEWAY  15-AUG-2005 03:29:37
      PORTAL      Oracle Application Server Portal                              PORTAL  15-AUG-2005 03:29:25
      B2B        Oracle Application Server Integration B2B                      SYS  15-AUG-2005 03:38:04
      BAM        Oracle Application Server Integration BAM                      SYS  15-AUG-2005 03:38:10
      MRC        Oracle Application Server Metadata Repository Version-R        SYS  17-JUL-2013 06:42:51
      OCA        Oracle Application Server Certificate Authority                SYS  15-AUG-2005 03:15:46
      OID        Oracle Internet Directory                                      SYS 07:27:38
      DCM        Oracle Application Server Distributed Configuration ManagementDCM  15-AUG-2005 03:15:43
      DISCOVERER  Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer                        DISCOVERER510.  15-AUG-2005 03:15:44
      SSO        Oracle Application Server Single Sign-On                      ORASSO  17-JUL-2013 07:28:21
      WCS        Oracle Application Server Web Clipping                        WCRSYS  15-AUG-2005 03:29:57
      UDDI        Oracle Application Server UDDI Registry                        UDDISYS  15-AUG-2005 03:29:46
      WIRELESS    OracleAS Wireless                                              WIRELESS  17-JUL-2013 08:23:38



      Why is this OID INVALID ? How can I make it 'VALID' ?