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    jca adapter in SOA & OSB



      iam new to OSB

      .For file,ftp,jms,db adapters can be integrate in SOA & as well as in OSB also(as Protocols)

      in which scenario we will  go for SOA

      in which scenario we will go for OSB.,if we use both technologies in one project.

      Any one can provide some guidence ,please

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          Karan Mann

          Yes you can use all those JCA adapters both in SOA as well as OSB.Its really a dfficult question to answer in what scenarios you shoulg go for SOA and in what scenarios you should go for OSB.Depends upon number of factors such as business requirement,licensing and so on.


          If you can provide your use case then ,I may able to help you out.




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            Mario Mesaglio



            As Karan said, it depends on many factors.


            These are a couple of them i think you should know about :


            • Wich is the main function of your BUS ?. Is intended for virtualizing MDW services to external consumers , For virtualizing services from service providers or Both?. This may help you determining how much external/non-canonical protocols & data models/structures you will  "allow" to be used whithin it. This is not an an issue on SCA applications (@ SOA suite), as they have more tools that ease the process of mapping/transformation/translation onto different data models/structures and has native support on its IDE for all the Adapters the SOA Suite provides.
            • An ESB is not intended to be the reciepient of each resource an Enterprise have, but those which has reusable potential and can attain ROI. It is an Anti-Pattern to upload each service available and then hope it will be reused (http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/topics/entarch/oea-soa-antipatterns-133388.pdf - "Web Service Sprawl"). In this case you should analize how much a certain adapter could be reused, and thus if the ROI it would give guarantees its existance in the BUS. This is not an issue on SCA applications, as they tend to contain non-agnostic services (Mainly BPEL Processes), attaining some flexibility on reusability-based measures & calculations.


            I hope this helps!.


            If u have doubts regarding what i just worte, please say so.